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Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30am - 12:30pm

No Appointment Necessary

Consignment Criteria

All items must be “LIKE NEW” condition, clean, pristine, and current

  • Clothing: On Hangers or neatly folded – no wrinkles, loose buttons, shrunk or stretched
  • Shoes:  Shined, brushed, clean interior & soles, no toe marks or scruffs, original shape, interior lining intact
  • Handbags:  No marks, scratches, clean interior, and original shape
  • Jewelry:  Silver and Gold polished, costume jewelry clean and no repairs
  • Housewares & Furniture:  Pictures need to be emailed to outofthebox@aahs.org and approved before accepting


Consignment Agreement

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  (Please initial each section)

 _____OTB charges a one-time nonrefundable set up fee of $15.00 to open the Consignor’s account.

_____Consignment period is 60 days; after 30 days the initial sales price is marked down 25%; after 45 days the initial sales price is marked down 50%.

_____Consignor receives 40% of the actual sale price of items sold, minus the sales tax and buyers fee.

_____Consignor payouts will be distributed via mail on a monthly basis when the amount due exceeds $25.00  A “per payment” service charge of $1.00 will be imposed to cover mailing and check costs.  Additionally, Consignors may us any balance in their account to pay for purchases at OTB at the time of sale.

_____All items must be to OTB in “very good” saleable condition.  OTB reserves the right to refuse any items that are overstocked or not deemed suitable for resale.  Refer to “2020 Consignment Policies” for requirements.

_____During consignment receiving , OTB will initially inspect your items accepting only those the meet acceptance requirements.  During pricing, OTB intake may discover an issue making the item unmarketable.  Items found to be flawed at pricing will be automatically donated to OTB and the consignor may not reclaim them.

_____OTB will have sole discretion in determining the selling price for consigned items.  All consigned items are subject to special sales and promotions.

_____All items are laced on consignment for a period of 60 days and must remain until sold or until the consignment term expires, early withdraw is not permitted.  It is the Consignor’s responsibility to track item expiration and Pick-Up dates and to schedule appointments to pick up unsold items.  Items not reclaimed are considered donated and become the property of OTB.

_____Consignors may only reclaim unsold items after the 60-day consignment period has ended  if the said item was priced by OTB at $50 and above.  Jewelry must be priced over $30 in order to reclaim any item.  Consignors who wish to do so must be by appointment.  OTB staff will pull any requested items from the sales floor.

_____OTB will make every effort to protect your items but is not liable for consigned items damaged or lost by fire, theft, try-on, loss, smoke or water damage, or other disasters.  All responsibility for the items remains with the Consignor.  OTB will remain blameless against any harm, and the consignor will not be compensated.

_____An acceptable consigned item must have a determined minimum value of $12.  Determination will be solely by


I have reviewed and fully understand OTB’s 2020 Consignment Policies and Procedures document.  I have read and agree to the consignment terms and conditions outlined above.

Signature of Consignor                                                                                                                                               Date


Some exceptions may be made by contacting the manager at

outofthebox@aahs.org to set up an appointment based on availability

How to Consign with Us

  • All potential Consignors must first establish an Out of the Box (OTB) Consignment Account.  Consignment information packets are available at OTB or on this website
  • All “new” and current Consignors must complete and sign an OTB Consignment agreement, possess a valid ID, email and mailing address.
  • A one-time account setup fee of $15 is deducted from Consignors account.
  • Consignors receive 40% of the item selling price less the buyer’s item fee.
  • Consignors may bring up to 15 items per month, any combination of items. No Appointment Needed!
  • All consignment items must have a minimum shelf value of $12 or more except for Junior apparel and jewelry which must have a minimum of $8 or more,
  • During open consignment receiving, OTB will initially inspect your items, accepting only those we can sell.

OTB accepts adult size clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories, new or in very good condition including women’s apparel, outerwear, shoes, purses, jewelry, hats & gloves. Clothing must be in style and seasonally appropriate.  Priority is given to “Designer Brands”. Name Brands from discount stores such as Kohl’s, Sears, and JC Penney will only be accepted in “like new” condition.  Please refer to Preferred Brands List.

  • ITEMS MUST BE NO OLDER THAN TWO YEARS AND IN CURRENT STYLE! THOROUGHLY INSPECT your items. The only exceptions to this rule are high-end designers. We take items by top designers that are more than two years old if they are in good condition. We cannot guarantee that we will accept all items — we make choices based on our knowledge of shopper preferences and our current inventory. Please do not be offended if not all items are accepted. Additionally, because our staff rotates there will be an element of personal judgment regarding acceptable items. 
  • The receiver’s decision is final. Make sure there are no missing buttons, broken zippers, tears, unsewn hems or seams, and of course, no spots or stains whatsoever.  Your items will be inspected while you wait then a final inspection will take place before pricing the items. If there is something on an item that is not seen in the initial intake, such as a missing hidden button, a loose hem or seam coming out, etc., it will be donated. Therefore, it is imperative that you do your inspection before you bring them in. Your items will be priced and out on the sales floor the same day.
  • Shoes and Purses are only accepted in “like new” condition. No scuffs, no “toe prints” on sandals. Lining of purses should be very clean, no ink marks and no lipstick stains. PLEASE, DUST OFF SHOES AND PURSES if they have been stored in your closet.  
  • Reminder – We are a volunteer staffed charitable organization with limited space and resources and do our best to make your experience a pleasant one. We thank all our consignors for their support.

In Fashion Appearance is Everything

We ask that all clothing items be neatly folded or on hangers, laundered/dry cleaned, ironed, free of wrinkles, stains, rips, odor free, including smoke, musty smells and perfumes.    No plastic bags please!

Please examine items carefully in strong daylight for spots, missing buttons, broken zippers, stressed seams, deodorant stains, animal fur, pilling, and fading, washed out, excessive wear or other flaws before bringing in for consignment.

Housewares Home Décor’

  • OTB accepts houseware items in very good condition including small appliances, cookware, flatware sets, casual dinnerware sets, designer stemware (season appropriate), cutlery sets in original box, and decorative kitchen items.
  • OTB accepts in-style and in very good condition home décor including artwork, pictures, mirrors, lamps, vintage and other decorative items.
  • OTB accepts NEW linens, still in sealed original packaging with tags, including blankets, comforters and sheet sets.
  • Spinner luggage ONLY in very good condition and travel bags (designer only and in very good condition)


All housewares must be in very good condition and in working order, no fading, yellowing, grease, dirt, no missing pieces, chips, dents, or other defects.  Directions and batteries must be included and will be verified by OTB to be in working order at time of consignment.


Furniture Consignment

OTB accepts the following furniture items as space allows:

  • couches, loveseats, armchairs and ottomans
  • designer chairs, rockers, small recliners and stools
  • decorative lamps with shades
  • coffee/accent tables
  • small kitchen tables with chairs
  • small/unique decorative children’s furniture (we cannot accept cribs or beds)
  • area rugs, cleaned, free of spots, wear and tear and pet hair space permitting

Please email Items must be small enough  to be easily loaded in and out of your car.  Prior approval via email is required.

pictures of proposed items to outofthebox@aahs.org

Subject line: Furniture Consignment

What to include in the email: Your name, consignor number, dimensions of proposed item(s), any facts about the piece you want us to know.


OTB does NOT accept the following on Consignment

Any items that there is an abundance of inventory: (this changes periodically. As this happens intermittently and lasts for varying times, it is not possible to announce these conditions ahead of time.

  • All outdated, damaged, dirty and wrinkled clothing and shoes
  • Children’s Infants Toddler apparel, toys, games, stuffed animals, equipment & furniture
  • Ladies suits & sets, formal attire, long eveningwear, wedding & bridesmaids dresses,
  • Ladies lingerie, robes, loungewear, sleepwear, undergarments, socks, nylons, belts & scarfs
  • Dolls including Collectible dolls
  • China sets, china cups & saucers, cut glass, Lenox, silver serving pieces, decanters, pitchers & accompanying sets
  • All collections, decorative plates, figurines & Knick knacks
  • Individual dishes, glassware, cups, silverware, cookie jars & canisters WITHOUT SEALS
  • Picture Frames & pictures not in frames or missing glass
  • All-bedding, curtains, drapes, sheets, towels, blankets, pillows, throw pillows, tablecloths & napkins (unless new, sealed in package with tags)
  • All Automotive, electronics, sporting equipment, chandeliers & any fixture that requires wiring
  • Lamps without shades & shades without lamps, sharp knives not in original package
  • Tools (unless small & new in original package with tags)
  • Luggage (Spinner Only accepted) & travel bags (unless designer or high-end)

Many of these items can be DONATED! Please let staff know if you are interested in donating these items